Technology has developed extraordinarily like a blooming tree. Its growth and impact have been such that not only has it strengthened its own foundation roots all over the world, but has also given birth to several electronics and devices that are turning out to be a great boon for the industry. From airplanes to washing machines and mixer grinders to drones, there has been no sphere relevant to our needs that have not been advanced and fortified by technology.


Another aspect that has been built and enhanced by technology in the most exceptional way is communication. Gone were the days when the main source of communication and news dissemination was telegrams and newspapers. Today, times have changed, and so have the modes of propagating messages. One such gadget or communication device that has developed immensely in the last few years is radio.

History and contribution of radio

A renowned Italian inventor, Guglielmo Marconi, had first proven the possibility of radio communication. It was in Italy, back in1895, that he had sent and received the first radio signal. Later in 1899, he had forwarded the first wireless signal through the English Channel and then received the letter "S" via telegraph from England in 1902. This is considered to be the first positive transatlantic radiotelegraph message in the world.


It was in the 1930s when the acceptance of radio news broadcasts had exceeded the popularity of same through newspapers. The best part about radio was that it had the ability to emotionally draw the attention of the listeners and keep them glued to the radio sets throughout the broadcast was being conducted. This further led to more responses coming from the audience, thus boosting the interest of people in radio broadcasting than any other mean of communication.

Real-time information

Since then, this brilliant communication device has seen no downfall. The fact about radio broadcasts is that it has the capacity to provide real-time information as it is live 24 hours a day. This offers some of the most recent updates to the audience. FM Stations are able to reach across borders and function as a strong medium of delivering information even to areas that are not aware of the situations in different parts of the world.


Transmission through this medium is so reliable that one can depend on it completely even when the internet is cut off and phone lines are dead. People can easily search the airwaves of their choice and get to know about the happenings very conveniently. Beyond everything, even electricity is not required for radios that operated with the help of a battery or are hand-cranked.Though the journalists and the radio stations that disseminate sensitive and crucial news worldwide face the risk from extremists and political groups, this has certainly not brought down their spirits and has only made their readership go high every single day.


Radio has, in fact, become a very commonly and effectively used medium for reporting, both for local as well as international journalists. Other media outlets and platforms have definitely emerged because of impeccable advancement in technology, but this has also made the availability of radio stations to its listeners more accessible. This is the main reason why radio is still very much popular and prevalent today.

Future of radio

It is an undisputed statement that the radio communication technology is here to stay forever. The strength it holds is actually second to none. With further enhancements in technology, this medium is only expected to boost its capability and dominance in the market. We can actually expect unreal advancements in this mode of news dissemination. We believe that the term ‘local’ in radio broadcasting will extinct soon. It’s very likely that the geographical restrictions will be lifted and one single FM Station shall be accessible to listeners sitting in different corners of the world

HD Radio

In times to come, more expectations are lined up from HD Radio. It is still anticipated that the audio signals transmitted by HD Radios will improve, thus improving the audio clarity for audiences. With in-built stations in cars, information on weather changes and latest songs will be always available to them.This is just a brief on how powerful and capable radio broadcasting is. If it uses its complete muscle, it can completely revamp all the mediums of communication. In the years to come, we are surely bound to see incredible advancements, even in how news is disseminated over the radio.

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